The Digital Naturalist is an inspired forum for video, film, and multimedia with a cause. It brings together an elite panel of experts to analyze what makes digital storytelling successful, establish helpful guidelines for advocacy groups, and shine a light on the most effective and inspiring work being produced today. Through analysis, forums, interviews, and personal accounts, we hope to help nonprofit organizations and the creatives working with them better communicate the most pressing, complex issues of our time.

Try This!

If your video is comprised of interviews, try to get your b-roll after you’ve recorded all or most of the interviews. The reason is that inevitably the people interviewed will say certain things that may inspire the kind of b-roll you’ll want to shoot. Read more bladeronner.com.

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A User Guide to The Digital Naturalist

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Web design is not my strong suit. I'll be the first to admit that. And it occured to me recently that because of the way I've set up this blog, a lot of really great content gets buried really fast. So if you're a new reader, it could take you hours, if not days, to comb through this site-- and unless you have the time and patience to explore page-by-page, you could miss some really great posts.

I've enlisted a super-savvy marketing guru to help me find some remedies. More on that to come. In the meantime, I thought I'd offer a basic "user guide" to help readers-- specifically, nonprofit employees who want to push their organization's outreach to new levels-- navigate the many resources TDN can offer.

I don't have much time. Where can I learn a little about digital storytelling, and fast?
About TDN
5 Ways to Rock an Advocacy Video (my guest post for Innovative Interactivity)
8 Rules of Multimedia
8 Rules of Audio
12 Glimpses into the Future of Storytelling

How do I convince my organization that advocacy videos are worth producing?
Never Say Never 
Cause and Effect 
A Journey from Print to Digital 
Nonprofit Profile: Charity Water 

Where can I learn more about the art of storytelling?
Scott Simon on How to Tell a Story
America reCycled: Q&A with the Hussin Brothers 

How can I break down a really complex subject?
Climate Wisconsin: Q&A with Finn Ryan 

How can I think visually?
A Designer's Eye
Fonts Matter

How can I conduct better interviews?
Where Hope Works: Q&A with Danger Docs
America reCycled: Q&A with the Hussin Brothers 

What should my team look like? Who should I hire?
It Takes a Village 
Meet Tucker Walsh
Eye Candy by Ami Vitale 
A New Generation of Wild 
TDN's Contributors 

How do I budget for a video project? How can I measure results?
Climate Wisconsin: Q&A with Finn Ryan 
Nonprofit Profile: Charity Water

Where can I find good music? What if I want to create my own score?
Inside the Mind of a Composer 
TDN's Music Sources

How should I write differently for video versus print?
Growing is Forever
Panel Review: A Golden Opportunity 

What if I don't have much of a budget to work with?
The Beauty of Stills

I made a video-- how do I make sure people watch it?
Viral Videos: A Reality Check 
3 Rules for Getting Your Video Seen
Nonprofit Profile: Charity Water 

What are some examples of really engaging advocacy?
Growing is Forever 
We Are All Connected
Climate Wisconsin: Q&A with Finn Ryan 
Nonprofit Profile: Charity Water 
America reCycled: Q&A with the Hussin Brothers
Where Hope Works: Q&A with Danger Docs 

How can I develop a better eye for digital storytelling?
Panel Review: Witness 
Panel Review: A Golden Opportunity
Plastiki, Deconstructed 
Sometimes Simple is Better

Dude, it's Monday. Can't I just turn my brain off and watch something fun?
TDN's Music Videos 
TDN's Cutting-Edge Videos 
TDN's 3 Stumbles Archive

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